Mechanical Remediation Systems & O/W Separator Installation

DPVE, Shallow Soil SVE, and Sub-Slab SVE System (Solvent Site)

Hoosier Equipment was selected to implement the remedial plan which included both interior and exterior trenching and piping installation totaling over 15,000 LF of piping.  Hoosier also made the connections and completion of 54 wellheads.  The site was an operating facility with active tenants.  Hoosier took great care to protect operations from dust associated with saw-cutting and trenching activities.  We backfilled the trenches will flowable fill and restored concrete surface within the facility.  Hoosier also contracted with a local crane company to offload the remediation system structure and assisted with final connections.

SVE & Bio-Sparge Remediation System Installation

Hoosier Equipment Service was awarded the project to install remedial sub-surface piping connecting 12 SVE and 12 bio-sparge wells to the system building (provided by the client).  The installation included over 1,900 LF of piping, well head completions, and site restoration at an active truck stop.

SVE & Air-Sparge Remediation System Installation

Our team was awarded the project to install over 5,000 LF of remedial piping (1” lines, 3” lines, and 4” lines) tying into 43 wellheads for completion – including manway installation and restoration.  The site was an active gas station/convenience store that remained open during construction activities.

Multi-Site – Multi-State O/W Separator Removal and Installation of New Separator and Associated Lines and Sumps (Industrial Client)

Hoosier Equipment Service was awarded 9 sites across Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan.  The general scope of work included decon of existing underground drains and pits and demolition/abandonment of below grade structures.  Some sites called for decon of existing drains, concrete grinding and application of epoxy…  Most sites received new, aboveground o/w separators, new sumps (cast in place and pre-fab were both utilized) and associated plumbing and electrical work to make the system functional.

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