Fuel System Work

Hoosier Equipment Service supports many different facets of fuel system work. From turn-key underground and aboveground fueling systems to minor tank system repair/service work, Hoosier is a one stop solution to fueling needs.

Retail Petroleum Facility

Hoosier worked to upgrade a major petroleum chain’s fuel system at a local store. The client had a stringent construction schedule, and the project was complicated with shoring and overhead utility logistical concerns. In addition, the C-Store remained open during construction. Hoosier worked with our client to successfully and safely close three 10,000 gallon and one 12,000 gallon existing UST’s. Hoosier then installed shoring to safely receive four new UST’s. The overall project was completed within the client’s desired timeframe, minimizing the economic impact of the fueling downtime and allowing the customers to access the C-Store.

University Site

Hoosier coordinated with the University to clean and remove three USTs, at three different locations on campus. In order to support the facility’s on-going back-up power needs, Hoosier installed temporary ASTs while installation of the new UST’s took place. Hoosier Equipment Service installed three new fiberglass coated, steel tanks and the associated piping and tank monitoring equipment at each of the three buildings on the downtown Indianapolis campus.

Municipal Airport Site

Hoosier provided and installed a 12,000 Gallon JetA UL-2085 Self-Serve AST, Single Phase, Canopy Style. Hoosier completed requested piping connections to existing underground piping run feeding a remote fueling cabinet.

Regional Hospital Site

Hoosier provided and installed a 12,000 gallon aboveground fuel storage tank and associated tank monitoring system for the AST. In addition to this installation, once the hospital was fueling with the new AST, Hoosier closed-in-place (2) – 10,000 gallon UST’s.

Correctional Facility

For this project, Hoosier worked to safely clean and remove the existing 4,000 gallon diesel and 6,000 gasoline USTs. Following the removal of both underground tanks, Hoosier provided and installed two new double wall, Fireguard ASTs and associated equipment (including a new Veeder-Root tank monitoring system).

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